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It always occurs to me after the fact that I could put things on my blog (which, unlike Twitter, has object permanence. ha. ha.)

About 2 weeks ago I got an acceptance from Lightspeed for “HELP FUND MY ROBOT ARMY!!!” which is about what it sounds like. It should be out in October.

When I went to add it to the forthcoming section on this site, I realized that I have exactly as many professional rate acceptances slated to come out this year as I have ever had previously. Welp.

The other stuff coming out this year:
“Mice” should be in Fireside Year 2 (Issue 1, which I think is slated for August now.)
“Gazing into the Carnauba Wax Eyes of the Future” – later this year, in the Kickstarted What Fates Impose anthology.
“This is a Ghost Story” – Apex, also later this year… maybe November? December? It’s not officially set, though, so I’m pulling months out of my ass, here. : )

Oh, if you’ve been wondering how it’s going, the Waterloo Productions film of “The Ghost of a Girl Who Never Lived” is still in production, though it’s been pushed back so that they have time to finish the Jay Lake documentaries. (Which is super important, so I’m glad that they’re getting those done.)

I’ve also been planning it for a while, but I’m finally starting to seriously eyeball my drafting table and cast longing glances over my dusty-ass art supplies, so we’ll see if I can get my shit together enough to do something with those. I’ll probably come up with some sort of half-comic half-prose monstrosity that nobody will publish. Yay! \ô\ ~ /ô/ ~ \ô/ ~ \ô\ ~ \ô/ (That’s me, dancing. See the hat?)

This weekend, I’ll be in Portland for Cascade Writers, where I’ll be on some panels and talking about stuff like whether or not short story editors care about your cover letter and if there are enough stories with queer characters in them. (No, and THERE CAN NEVER BE ENOUGH.)

A reading (tomorrow) and other stuff

First up, the subject line of the post. Aaand, yes, I realize that this is at the last minute, but you can see where “BLOG SOME STUFF” fits on my current to-do lists… not very high.

Tomorrow, Apr. 24 at 7pm, I am participating in a reading at Soul Food Books in Redmond (the address is under the Contact Us tab on the website). I’ll be reading with Cat Rambo, Brenda Cooper, K.C. Ball, Jennifer Brozek, and Caren Gussoff.

Also coming up at the end of July is the Cascade Writers workshop, which I’ve mentioned here before. It’s a good workshop, with a bunch of cool speakers. It’s filling up but not yet full. There is also still time to apply for the scholarships which will cover your registration fee.

Other than that, I have to run off and study for/take a cell biology exam. Eep. Cell membranes are full of so much barely comprehensible STUFF.

I’ll be presenting at Cascade Writers Workshop this year! :)

The hunt for applicants to Clarion UCSD and Clarion West is ramping up. Both instructor line-ups are really great this year (across both workshops, three of my instructors are back at it — Nalo, Kelly, and Neil were great teachers). If you’re thinking about applying to either of the Clarions, I’ve blogged about it consistently. Some relevant posts (maybe) are here and here.

Also, if you have more questions and for some reason I’m the one you want to go to for them, you can drop me a line in email. Some people also choose to ask me things through Facebook, but that requires you to be lucky that a) Facebook will actually forward the note to my email, since I don’t log in if I can possibly avoid it, and b) that I then remember to log in and respond to you. (I just find the user interface completely unusable.)


BUT! Clarion costs thousands of dollars and takes six whole weeks out of your summer. If you don’t have that much time or money, I’d like to recommend another workshop, especially if you happen to be on the west coast, so getting to Portland, OR for a weekend won’t break the bank. (Alternately, since the workshop is only a weekend, you could take a vacation and visit the rugged pacific northwest… or whatever.)

Cascade Writers Workshop is a Thursday-Sunday workshop with classes/talks by various people (including ME!) and Milford-style critiques. That’s the same critique style used at most major workshops, including the Clarions.

The workshop leaders are pretty cool:

Claire Eddy, Tor Editor
Nisi Shawl, Author
Delilah Marvelle, Author
Cameron McClure, Agent
J.A. Pitts, Author
Patrick Swenson, Editor/Author

It’s also reasonably priced, and there are two tiers. So, if you want to do the whole thing, it’s $245. If you just want to go to the talks and don’t want to get critiqued, it’s less.

AND! There are now scholarships available that will fund your registration fee. So that’s pretty awesome.

I’d recommend registering ASAP. Registration is open until June 15, but the deadline to apply for the scholarships is May 15th. Also, I believe that unlike Clarion it is entirely first-come-first-serve, so if it fills up, you’ll be doing the sad waiting list dance.

Anyway! I hope to see some of you this June.

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