Podcast Transcription


A clean, timestamped, formatted transcript of your podcast episode to send to followers or post on your blog/website/feed.

How much?

Starting at $50/audio hour. (Audio hour refers to the length of the audio, not how long I take to transcribe it.)


Providing a text transcript of your podcast allows you to increase your reader/listenership and makes your content accessible to people who aren’t able to listen to podcasts. Having a transcript also allows you to do a quick text search if you want to see at which point in the episode you talked about a particular topic.

Why me?

I’m familiar with a lot of the topics, people, and current issues in the science fiction and fantasy fields. This means that I’m a lot less likely to mishear author names or book titles as random phrases. I can also easily transcribe general writing and publishing talk and biological sciences topics.  I’m also priced lower than some of the companies providing transcription services. Finally, you’ll have the same person transcribing all of your episodes, giving you consistent quality.

How long does it take?

I’ll give an estimate when I take the job. Most files of an hour or less can be returned within 24 hours.

How to hire:

Drop me an email at kehrli@gmail.com with “Transcription” in the subject line.