I’m writing this IN ADVANCE because today is Thursday which means that I’m flying to San Antonio today*, so I’m probably on an airplane when you’re reading this. Or thinking about getting on an airplane. Or whatever.

In theory, another update for leveL has gone up at http://www.levelthecomic.com/ today. It’s a webcomic by artist Nate Swinehart and is a re-boot/re-imagining of a webcomic that I was reading 5-10 years ago, up until I lost touch with webcomics entirely, buried my own, went to Clarion, etc etc, etc. The previous version had artwork that… well, it was good enough for a webcomic. Ahaha. The original version is still on his site if you want to compare now vs. then art styles.

BUT, he went off and got an art degree. And a job doing artsy things.

And now it’s so pretty. So, so pretty. It’s nice when you’re reading a comic and the characters are expressing awe at something they’re looking at (a landscape, whatever), and you take one look and agree with them. My general response to most of the landscape/cityscape images in this one has been, “Whoooooooooooooooooooooa.”

leveL page 9 thumnail

It’s been long enough that I don’t remember the storyline for the original comic. The current iteration is just getting started, and includes a “utopian” metropolis with a highly stratified class system (hehehehe, smash it!), mysterious dream sequences and BRIGHT PINK SOLID HOLOGRAMS. Or whatever the floating blocks are.

Anyway, I recommend checking it out if you like comics and don’t mind waiting a couple of weeks between page updates. You can follow him at @leveLtheComic if you’re worried about missing updates. 🙂

I love finding out that my internet acquaintances from “back in the day” have been busy making cool stuff.

*The plane gets to San Antonio around 6-7pm TEXAS TIME, so I don’t know. I’ll probably be at the con just in time for the parties. WOOOOooooooo.