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What Fates Impose is OUT!

Just a quick note: WHAT FATES IMPOSE (edited by Nayad Monroe) is now out, so if you missed pre-ordering it through the Kickstarter, you can buy a copy now. The print copies are $15.99 and e-books are $4.99.

Here’s the Alliteration Ink page, which provides multiple links to buy the book. Choose a bookseller! Buy direct! Fork over your filthy, filthy money!

WFI cover

This book contains my story, “Gazing into the Carnauba Wax Eyes of the Future,” which is about divination via vomit. (Also, I slapped a queer stuff tag on this post because MY story is gay. I’ve been lazy and thus can’t tell you how much of the rest of the book is, though.)


I could re-iterate stuff about the story, but instead I’m going to link to the post that I made when I was flogging the Kickstarter project: here.

Also, here’s the Goodreads page, where you can still write reviews for the anthology, probably, unless Goodreads helpfully deletes them for you.

“Mice” is now out in Fireside Issue 4!

Not a lot to say today, but my flash piece, “Mice” is out in Fireside issue 4 today.

Here’s the link:

It’s $2 to buy just issue 4, and $24 for the whole year. It also looks like there’s a giveaway for people who buy a year’s subscription in the first week.

In other news, I found out that “This is a Ghost Story” will be in the November issue of Apex, so that’s coming up in a few months.

AND I’ll be at Worldcon at the end of this month, so hopefully I’ll see some of you there!

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