A while back, I announced that I’d sold a short story to Nayad Monroe for an anthology project. I wrote a story inspired by an event back in Bellingham that involved, erm, a lot of marshmallow peeps. If you’re from Bellingham, you may remember this event. If not… well, I totally never did anything that sounds anything like any part of the story in the anthology, ever.

Shifty Eyes Gif

Anyway! The anthology as a whole looks pretty cool. It’s called “What Fates Impose” and is full of stories about predicting the future, since that always goes well. There are stories by Ken Scholes, Cat Rambo, Rochita Loenen-Ruiz, some assorted Inkpunks, and a bunch of others. Also, I’m sorry everybody, but Beth Wodzinski wins the trophy for best story title with, “One Tiny Misstep (In Bed).” CONGRATULATIONS, BETH. YOU GET A PRIZE. THE PRIZE IS… okay there isn’t really a prize for that. Sorry.

Right now, there’s a Kickstarter running for the book, where you can pre-order the ebook, print book, or get some other neat backer rewards. Because I’m super creative and original, I’ve got a few fiction critiques on offer as higher tier backer rewards.

Here’s the link.

On top of everything listed in the actual Kickstarter page, Nayad is currently running an additional giveaway for people who back the project before June 21: Details, details, details.

The project should be pretty cool and you should totally back it if you haven’t already. And I’m not even just saying that because I want to get paid.