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Website redesign, WordPress, etc.


Pretty much I’ve just gone and joined the WordPress club, mostly because I was tired of my main website being a pain in the ass to update and I like this whole “post scheduling” thing. Also, because I’m too cheap/broke to pay someone to design one for me. Have a webmaster? What, do you think I’m someone important or something?

Assuming everything works correctly, people will be able to read my posts on either or my livejournal and comment both places.

Basically, very little has changed. In fact, this post is primarily so that I can test settings.



  1. Here, I’ll help you test comment posting! And also complain about the colors. It’s pretty, but the text is hard to read, because it’s tiny and there isn’t enough contrast between it and the background. (Note: I have unusual eyes, e.g., contra several peer-reviewed studies I find light-on-dark much harder to read than dark-on-light.)

    • Keffy

      May 5, 2012 at 12:06

      I do want to make the text slightly larger, but I don’t actually know any CSS, and am screwing around with one of the free themes by guessing at parts and changing them.

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